Well Balanced Dogs is run by Lisa Eldridge.
Have fun getting to learn more about Lisa…

I have worked with dogs all of my life. I was raised on a farm with lots of dogs of all kinds. I have been passionate about dogs since I was a child, reading every book, over and over, going to every seminar, and always being surrounded by a “pack” of dogs. It has always seemed rather normal for me. I studied wolves and wolf behavior because I thought my calling was to be a wolf biologist. I owned several wolf/dog crosses. For the sake of being closer to feral behavior that I loved to watch and learn from.

I have always been fascinated by animal behavior, as well as human behavior. I have been a dog trainer for as long as I can remember. Training my dogs to do everything from waiting outside of a store for me, to tricks for film and commercials. As a hobby, I have Border Collies and Australian Kelpie’s on my farm that I compete with in dog trials from time to time.

When I started doing rescue work nearly 20 years ago, I discovered that I had a talent for working with dogs with behavioral problems, and that my pack of dogs always seemed to help correct the problem. My leadership that is essential in rehabilitating dogs, and maintaining the role of pack leader. In my experience, regardless of the dog’s background, or breed, they are accepted into my pack.

This process makes the dog a balanced pack member, and a happier dog.

Not all dogs I work with have behavioral problems. Some just need to be socialized with a balanced pack to learn how to “be a dog”, and interact in a healthy way. Most rescue’s need intense socialization before being placed.

I also work part time with Autistic and Special Needs children as a Behavioral Therapist. Both in their home and in a school setting, I learned that the dogs are great therapy for the kids in a multitude of ways. Empowering them.

Its win-win for all!

It occurred to me that it is possible to take the “bad dogs” and the “throw a way’s” of the dog world and make them into well-balanced dogs that can be excellent pack members, as well as good Therapy and great teachers.

I very much enjoy helping teach people to learn about their dogs’ needs, as well as their own. Through the training process, the relationship evolves for both the human and the dog.

I am very lucky to have an amazing K9 family that teaches myself and others how to be a healthy pack member.

A happy dog is a Well Balanced Dog.